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Types of Teams

The assigning of players to teams is based on experience and skill level as determined by the coaches. The goal is create competitive teams so each player can have a fair and enjoyable experience. The process follows a blind draft where players are assigned to teams following these considerations: 

• The children of the head and assistant coach will be assigned to the respective team. 

• Remaining players are evenly divided based on skill and ability within each division through the blind draft process with oversight by the Flag Committee and selected assistants. 

• The Flag Committee uses evaluations supplied by previous year coaches for veteran players and holds an Evaluation Workout for new players before each season's draft.

Student Coaches

Barrington High School students who are interested in receiving volunteer school credit and who have participated in the the Barrington Youth Football program may apply for consideration as a student coach. Student coaches are supervised by an adult coach for all games and practices. This program provides an opportunity for students to learn about coaching flag football and provides the players with the enjoyment of a coach who is a young adult. Students or parents who are interested in this program should contact us by email.

Expectations for Parents

We expect that parents and other spectators will follow certain guidelines that will enhance the playing experience for our children and ensure that everyone can enjoy the game. Any parent or spectator that does not display good sportsmanship during a game or practice will be given a warning followed by with removal from the field if the behavior continues. 

• Set an example by practicing good sportsmanship and being respectful to players, parents, and coaches on both teams. Unsportsmanlike behavior, verbal abuse, and grandstand coaching is unacceptable. 

• Only Coaches and Players are permitted on the playing fields during a game. 

• Realize that the referees are the final authority; they are closer to the game and call plays as they see them. 

• Parents and Spectators can respectfully express opinions to the coach and, if the response is not satisfactory, to the Flag Commissioner by email. 

• Realize that the players are children, and that praise is far more important than criticism. 

• Realize that the coaches are volunteers who deserve thanks and respect for commiting their time. 

• Encourage and applaud good play by all teams; avoid criticism and overlook errors made by either team. 

• Encourage discipline by having players arrive on time for practice and games. 

• Help the players realize that belonging to a team requires commitment. Regular attendance and being prepared are necessary for the team to function smoothly. 

• Volunteer time or assitance whenever possible.
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